Lawyers of light

Lawyers of Light was originally a group set up as a telegram channel to provide useful information and template letters for people to adapt and use.

Lawyers of Light are dedicated to providing information freely, and in turn helping to bring truth about the current situation to light.

Lawyers of Light serve the UK people in this way. However, they are not a legal advice service, and restrict their actions to just template documents, letters, and articles.

We are both proud and delighted to dedicate a page to Lawyers of Light, and we thank them for their wonderful work. If you wish to view their template letters, use the button below. Many of thier articles are featured on the articles and links page.

Please remember that template letters do not constitute legal advice and may therefore be unsuitable for your situation. Awakened World and Lawyers of Light do not accept any responsibility for any problems that may arise for you if you use any of the template letters or other material provided on this website.

Do also be aware that the law can change very quickly, and consequently some featured letters may be out of date when you come to use them. Please check current legislation to ensure any letter that you use, or article that you rely on is correct in UK law at the time of your use. You should take independent legal advice if your situation is complicated or you need urgent help.

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