We have crossed the Rubicon – it’s time to pray AND stand up

Yesterday aboriginal peoples were forcibly removed from their homes into quarantine camps. This was confirmed on Australian TV in a news media item.

It has also been stated that some of these people were held down and forcibly vaccinated against their will. We currently have no proof of this, but should this come to light, we will immediately post it.

These are dark days indeed and we have crossed a line that should never have been crossed.

When we look back at history we often ask ourselves how the atrocities of 30s and 40s Germany took place under the noses of so many citizens.

The hard truth to this is that many helped turn in their neighbours to those looking for the “unclean”. Yet more citizens just turned a blind eye.

We are now at a point where a terrible history could be repeated. The locking up of people in camps is a shameful reminder of the evil that exists in this world and the fact this is being perpetrated by those in so called power, should disturb everyone.

What we have with the removal of the aboriginal people in Australia are further heinous crimes against humanity with the very real possibility that the same arrangements could be enforced in any country. It is incumbent on all of us to now step up and say no more. No job, social position or money is worth anyone’s silence over what is unfolding.

The world is standing on a precipice and I would ask you what side of history you wish to be on.

No more silence.

For more information please see the video of an aboriginal elder talking about the removal of her people to camps. Link to the Lawyers of Light Telegram where the video is held, is given.


Mass Formation: The Psychological Term To Describe Society’s Brain Melting

Below is an article written from an American perspective, which applies equally here in the UK, and indeed across the world.

Read on to find out more about the phenomenon of “Mass Formation”.

From Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative

I am not alone in wondering how so many people can suddenly turn into mindless robots. Friends and family members who once engaged in thoughtful conversation are now about as boring and frustrating as can possibly get. Where did independent thinking go? Where did concern for individual and human rights go? Where did rationality go?

In the not-so-distant past, I never thought of myself as special, nor particularly correct about everything. I have always been laissez-faire when it comes to people coming to their own conclusions. Often, when in long-enough conversations with people of opposing philosophies, I usually ended up coming around to at least a little bit of what the other side was offering. In politics, as in life, I just want to be accurate. If my mind needed to change, so be it, if it meant having better information and conclusions.

In the 592 days since “15 days to flatten the curve” became ingrained in our psyche, I have taken on a new approach. Call it an awakening, red pilling, or simply my standing still as the world shifted crazily around me – but I no longer feel this way. I am now convinced, without a doubt, that my worldview is correct. Since this is an either/or situation, that means everyone is wrong. The other side has nothing to offer me. I reject it completely.

Yes, progressive elites seek to transform American – indeed, world – society into a technocratic, totalitarian serfdom. Yes, all mainstream media outlets provide not only cover for these progressives’ lies but often help create and push the very same narratives. The same goes for Big Tech, Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and everything else. They are evil to the core without a single productive idea. Everything is done to move toward a final, terrifying goal.

Five years ago I would have been accused of wearing a tinfoil hat; now, I am the sane one in this equation.

Despite my newfound resolution, I still don’t think I have changed. I am the same fact-based, logical person I was before. It’s that everything around me has changed, and my basic understanding of why events play out the way they do and why people do and say what they do underscore a very fundamental truth. The elites, by definition, think they are better than us. According to such a philosophy, we therefore deserve subjugation and require a realignment in thinking.

It’s all quite scary when you accept the reality of some people willfully exercising control over others, at any cost necessary. What is happening in Australia is a wet dream for people Like Fauci and Biden. They would love to do that here, we just happen to have guns and enough freedom-loving holdouts. Believe me, Covid mandates are a hill I am literally willing to die on. I know I am not alone.

I have kept going back to why and how this was possible. In hindsight, we have long been funneled into a narrow tunnel of permissible truth. How many Americans once cheered for the Patriot Act to keep us safe from supposed supervillain terrorists? How many accepted the lie that Snowden and Assange were the criminals? How many hoped, despite not voting for him, that Barack Obama would for once and all heal and unify the country of its racial legacy? I still have too many acquaintances (one would be too many) who think Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, have no idea about Hunter Biden’s laptop, and were under the impression the late Brian Sicknick was bashed over the head with a fire extinguisher, police kill 10,000 blacks every year, and that Covid threatens everyone’s lives.

We walk around in the same physical world, but our perception of that world could not be further apart. More and more, they don’t even use the same words as us anymore.

During his eponymous administration, Trump Derangement Syndrome had come in vogue to describe a person’s aforementioned detachment from reality. It certainly was, and remains, a real affliction. But I needed more. Eventually, I recently stumbled across a Belgian psychologist and he articulated a real phenomenon that I believe provides the best understanding of what we are fighting against among a vast portion of the population. 

The term is mass formation.

I will link two sites to the bottom of the article that helped form my own understanding. One is a podcast interview located on YouTube (for now) and the other is a transcript of a podcast that the professor, one Mattias Desmet, appeared on.

In short, mass formation is a hive mindset predicated on untruths and lies that respond to psychological needs. According to Desmet, four conditions must exist for this collective mental intoxication to occur. They are:

  • Social isolation
  • Lack of meaning in life
  • Presence of free-floating anxiety
  • Presence of discontentdness

Right out of the gate, those four markers are obviously endemic to Americans. Particularly looking at the first condition of social isolation, it is impossible for me not to view the lockdowns as a means of accelerating our collapse. After all, no previous pandemic responses included lockdowns as a viable measure nor did they ever prove to work throughout the alleged pandemic; and yet, we continue relying on them to “slow the spread.”

What’s more, once mass formation sets in, its brainwashed adherents display little regard to every other measure of wellbeing. Sound familiar? When back-to-work protests broke out, we already saw incipient backlash to those folks as being selfish and killing grandmothers (while we gave Emmy’s to the real grandma murderers). Through the lens of mass formation, it becomes clear that their narrow focus on just a singular goal – safety from Covid – prevented them from noticing other real-world harms and consequences. It is for this same reason that skyrocketing mental health issues, drug abuses, and suicides go ignored to this day. If it isn’t directly about Covid, then it isn’t an issue.

A second mechanism also develops under mass formation, namely fascistic intolerance to competing outlooks. Again, sound familiar? The intolerance is a natural self-defense maneuver, because the psyche would have to confront reality, thus bringing them back to the initial anxiety and discontent that precipitated the mass formation in the first place.

If it sounds like our deranged friends and families are living under a sort of hypnosis, it’s because they are. So entrenched is their fear of Covid that they can literally not process or handle the endless studies and statistics that debunk everything they hold to be: masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work (though they exacerbate the symptomatic manifestations of mass formations), vaccines don’t work, other treatments do work, liberties are being crushed, and so on. When adults are unable to function normally after being asked to consider the infinitesimally small risk posed to kids in schools by Covid, or presented with basic knowledge that RSV or the flu have always been more severe or lethal, it’s like talking to your dog. 

Except in addition to looking stupidly back at you, these people bite back with furious irrationality.

It is important for those of us with a sane outlook that we are not alone and not the crazy ones. Still, the radical leftist agenda is trying everything in its power to convince us otherwise. Do not submit. Do not surrender. I find that, if anything, their efforts only reinforce my sanity. The harder they try, the more ludicrous it all appears.


1. Why Do So Many Still Buy Into The Narrative?, YouTube

2. Mass Formation and Totalitarian Thinking in This Time of Global Crisis, ratical.org

Extracts from “Pandemic diary of a front line lawyer for the eldery” – kindly provided by the family of Clare Wills Harrison

Part four

1st May to 30th June 2020

I spoke to a lady called Jaclyn Dunne at the back end of April after seeing a video she did on Facebook. She is the furthest from a conspiracy theorist you can get. I think she is a natural health provider. Her video resonated with me so much, and it was so good to hear someone say what I feel, in such a measured way.

I asked to speak to her as I was thinking about contacting a barrister called Francis Hoar who I had seen on you tube discussing the new regulations the Govt have put it. He seems pretty convinced they are ultra vires so I told Jaclyn I wanted to discuss the possibility of a Judicial Review with him.

To be honest I was nervous about this. I don’t know the guy and this area of law is way outside my knowledge. But speaking to Jaclyn gave me courage, and I bit the bullet.

When I called Francis it transpired he was already in the process of putting papers together for a JR on behalf of a guy called Simon Dolan. It is crowd funded so we agreed that myself and Jaclyn would give the case some coverage to bolster the crowd funding. Evidently it could cost as much as £1M. I was shocked to say the least.

I did say to Francis that my concern is around mandatory vaccines. He was dismissive of this. He said to me it is unlikely that anyone will have a vaccine as they have tried for years to make a coronavirus one, and never succeeded as the trials failed, and the animals died. I remain unconvinced, but didn’t push this further with him.


Work has been horrendous. The deaths have started piling up. I don’t believe any are of Covid and I have plenty of evidence that this is just being put on the death certificates as a guess. Apparently that’s “allowed” now.

On 1st May I got a call from a care home, PH, in the local area, to tell me that one of my client’s there, T”, had died at around 7.15am that morning. I spoke to a nurse called “K” and she told me that PH had organised to have T’s body immediately removed from the nursing home after death, (to the wrong funeral home I might add), as the death had been classified as “Covid 19”. I was so angry about the removal I was beyond words. How dare they!
I asked K if T had received a test before death to confirm the existence of Covid 19.   K said no so I asked if T had been seen in the week prior to her death by a Doctor who had diagnosed Covid 19. K said no so I asked who had confirmed the death as Covid 19 in view T had not received a confirmatory test and had received no clinical diagnosis of the same.  K said that a nurse at PH had confirmed life had been extinguished by Covid 19, and that this had been merely a “suspicion”. I raised doubts about the validity of the cause of death due to it being a suspicion only, but K told me that PH could class deaths in this way and were following policy guidance from Public Health England which had been passed to them. She ended by saying PH “were following government guidelines”.

I reminded K that only a week before T’s death I had received, as her advocate, an email from PH telling me that PH was Covid free. I also told K that T was 89 years old at her death. I had seen T at least 4 times in the year before her death, and on every occasion, I had noted and discussed with staff at PH that T had not been eating properly. T was also suffering from severe Alzheimer’s and several other complex health problems. I told K that I was deeply concerned about T’s death being noted as Covid 19, considering her other serious health problems, the Covid free status of the home confirmed by the email the prior week, and the absence of a test or clinical diagnosis for T. K repeated to me that PH were simply following procedure.

I spoke to Dr G of PF surgery a few days later as she was writing the death certificate for T to be sent over to the registrars on that day. She asked me if I had any queries or concerns. I said my concern was that T’s death had been classified as a Covid death, but that T did not have a test or a clinical diagnosis of the same. I said I had been told by PH that this was now the procedure to be followed, and that PH had told me that this was following advice from Public Health England. Dr G confirmed this was the case and that T’s death certificate would be marked as bronchopneumonia (suspected Covid 19) as the primary cause. She said that old age and infirmity would only be listed as secondary causes. I told her I was unhappy with this and that it seemed to me to be a fraudulent noting of the cause of death, as the true cause was not certain. Dr G told me that the noting of the death certificate in this way was allowed under standard operating procedure due to current measures put in place by the government. I made clear that I was unhappy with this and that the only way to truly know if T had died of Covid 19 would have been for her to have received a positive test and a clinical diagnosis of the same. Dr G ignored what I said completely and definitively told me this was how T’s death certificate would be marked. I was horrified.

After calling Dr G, as PH had moved T’s body without my consent, to the wrong funeral home, (Co op), I called the correct funeral directors to get things sorted. I spoke to D at the funeral parlour and he said he would get in touch with Co op to organise a “transfer” and call me back to confirm matters. He did indeed call me back and told me he had not been notified that T was a covid death. He said it was a joke and this happens all the time. The death gets marked as covid then they don’t get told anything and are not told to take any special measures when removing the body. As he said, and I quote, “so much for a deadly virus”.

D confessed to me that once they get the body and the medical certificate from the doctor, then they have to tell the family that there can be no viewing of the body due to “covid”. However he said he is aware of, what he called a “scam”, whereby some local doctors are willing to give some sort of other certificate to confirm a viewing is OK, (I’ve never heard of this before), but charging families £100 to get the certificate! I couldn’t believe it and we both said how can this be anything to do with a deadly virus if this is the case. I asked him if he was getting alot of deaths of different age ranges. He said he was getting alot of deaths, but 90% were from care homes and were the elderly or already vulnerable. He said he felt this was very suspect, as like me, he believed that deaths would be spread across all ages and sectors if this was a deadly virus. But the deaths are not. They are confined mainly to care homes at the moment. He said that he felt this was down to reasons other than the virus and that he had heard stories of lack of care, lack of food, and sedation leading to death.

I asked if he would go on record about it all and particularly the money making by the doctors, but he declined saying it would be more than his job was worth.

On 4th May 2020 the son of  “M” phoned me to let me know that M had died. I asked what M had died of and M’s son told me he was very confused and upset as M’s death certificate had been noted as myocardial infarction and Covid 19 as a joint first cause of death.

I asked M’s son if M had received a Covid 19 test before his death and was told he had not. He had also not been seen by a doctor before his death and neither had he been clinically diagnosed with Covid 19. Yet his death certificate said he had covid.

M’s son told me that he had queried the cause of death with the registrar when completing the telephone death registration process and had been told that procedure was being followed which allowed for the noting of the death in this way. I asked M’s son what he understood by that procedure and he expanded that the registrar had told him that it was government policy to deal with the noting of deaths in this way, at this time.

M’s son asked me how his father could have died from 2 primary first causes of death and I said he could not have, as this is impossible. There can be only one primary cause of death and all other factors are secondary. I told M’s son that in my 20-practicing years as a lawyer I had never seen a death certificate marked with 2 primary first causes of death and M’s son remarked that he felt the whole thing did not make sense.

These 2 calls followed the same pattern as the first call I had about a death on 27th April 2020. That day the daughter of one of my clients “C” informed me that C had died on 27th April 2020. C was in fact also a resident of PH. When I asked what C had died of C’s daughter told me they had been told by PH, that C had died of Covid 19. This is even though in that same week I had received an email as T’s advocate informing me that PH were Covid free.

Again, I had asked C’s daughter if C had received a Covid test before his death and a clinical diagnosis of Covid 19. C’s daughter confirmed he had not received either. But again the death certificate said covid. How can this be right?

During the period 27th April to mid June I have been notified of 15 deaths of my clients and they have all followed this pattern. That is 15 deaths in 49 days. 7 weeks. That is 2 a week. There are too many deaths to write about here, but I can say that the vast majority of the deaths have been residents of care homes. Of the few that have not, they died in hospital or at home. NOT ONE received a covid test before death, but all but one had Covid on their death certificate.

This has to be the biggest scam going. The funeral directors know it. The care workers know it. The bloody doctors know it and are making money out of it. My fellow professionals working in this field must all know it. Yet ALL BUT A FEW are not speaking out? How can that be? How can these people live with themselves knowing the families of their loved ones don’t know the real reason their relative died. How is that honouring the dead?

After having made a couple of short videos on Facebook about my thoughts on these things, I have been contacted by 2 whistleblowers connected to care homes.

The first “K” confirmed to me that it is absolutely the case that care homes were told they had to take patients from hospital at the outset of lockdown. She told me that the care homes didn’t want to do this as they were worried about their existing residents and being understaffed if they took in more people. She said her partner is a care home manager and she herself overheard the management meetings as her partner was working from home. Worryingly, she also saw some documents, and her partner discussed with her, that the home were told that if they didn’t take the hospital discharges, they would be denied their local authority funding for the residents that are not privately paying. She also said that the home was given some sort of financial incentive to take the hospital discharges. She thinks this funding was for around 6 weeks.

So effectively it was blackmail. Do it and get funds, or don’t do it and get penalised financially. I couldn’t bloody believe what I was hearing when she was telling me. I asked K to get copies of any paperwork she could and send it to me. She said she will try, but she is obviously limited to what she can get from her partner. She said her partner will not go on record about this. In fact its really sad as she and her partner have now separated because of it all, as she cannot accept that her partner won’t speak out.

The other whistleblower “G” told me some absolutely horrendous things. She confirmed my worst fears about residents not being fed and the lack of GP visits.

In the home where she works, the GP does not come in at all, and does everything remotely. G said she is disgusted as the GP has, at will, been diagnosing that residents are at risk of aspiration without ever assessing properly for this. The effect of this is that the resident is then taken off all normal by mouth medication, including pain meds, due to the spurious risk of aspiration. They are also put on nil by mouth, so denied food and water, given a DNR and the staff are told that the resident is not to be admitted to hospital.

Due to the withdrawal of regular meds and lack of food and hydration, the residents become agitated, understandably. This is where it gets really nefarious, as G said the residents in question are then given midazolam and morphine to sedate them, and this is given in increasing doses. These drugs depress respiration, and G said the residents concerned pass away shortly after. She believes their death certs could be marked as covid, but cannot be sure as doesn’t see these.

G said this is murder in her opinion. I agree. There is no reason these people should have their usual meds withdrawn without proper assessment and to withdraw food and water is just unconscionable. This is the supposedly defunct Liverpool Care Pathway in my opinion.

G said she believes at least 2 residents have been murdered in this manner at the care home. It’s so bloody shocking. G said she and one other colleague are trying to keep a 3rd resident alive who is now being denied food, and heartbreakingly they are feeding her baby food that they are personally bringing in, and which she is eating after they have explained to her, “her risk of aspiration”.

To say that what I have been told is traumatising is an understatement. It confirms all my worst fears and I now cannot stop thinking that this is really how MY clients in homes have died. What a disgusting vile world we live in where so many can go along with this and keep silent about it.

I for one will not keep quiet about this. I am going to the police about G’s information and I pray they do something.

I am also going to make the info public, in the hope it might save more in care from dying like this.

I don’t know what I’m going to do to make it public, but I AM NOT just going to sit here and say nothing. The country and indeed the world needs to wake up to what is really going on with the elderly in care and their deaths. The people of this country need to know this truth. However, will they listen? And will they care?

In part 5 read about – “going public, protesting and hitting brick walls”.

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Below are some photos of articles posted in the months following the above journal entries, which support what was written.

Extracts from “Pandemic diary of a front line lawyer for the eldery” – kindly provided by the family of Clare Wills Harrison.

Part 3

16th April to 30th April 2020

I have been back at work for just over 3 weeks total now. These last few weeks have been horrendous both personally and professionally. Various things have happened, and I feel crushed.

R called me about his wife. I was aware she had been diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before lockdown. She had commenced chemotherapy and then become ill as a result, after lockdown started. Consequently she had been taken into hospital, where the staff had put her straight on a “Covid positive” ward without testing her until she was on the ward. The hospital tested her in situ and she tested negative! So she was moved to a “clean ward, where she then developed symptoms of illness, and became really unwell. Sadly, due to her health being compromised, she passed away.  However, R was not allowed to go and see her during this time and had to conduct “visiting” by zoom. He had to watch his wife die via zoom, likely because of negligence by the hospital. What an atrocious, unbelievable  situation.

D also called me about her husband who had passed away. She told me that he had needed to see the GP because he was having chest pains. She had called the GP to be told that he could not have a face to face appointment due to lockdown.

When I asked why she simply didn’t call an ambulance, she said they hadn’t wanted to, as they didn’t want to overburden the system
Sadly, Ds husband went on to suffer a major heart attack and collapsed and died at home.

It is absolutely tragic as I know most hospitals are not overwhelmed. I’ve got family working in them telling me that!! Those family have friends, telling them the same!!

All of the local solicitors to me are still closed. We are the only ones doing face to face in office appointments.  There are all sorts of changes to the way that we do things now, and everyone is adopting an online approach. In the legal sector this carries enormous risks due to confidentiality and know your client issues. The other thing is that you cannot reasonably service your clients remotely as they have a range of needs. Why can’t most people see this. Why are we the only ones that believe we still owe a duty to be there for our clients?

I went to see M at RH care home. They allowed us to sit in a room on our own but insisted that we sit six feet apart. M is bloody hard of hearing! I had to shout the whole time. So much for confidentiality.

They had M masked up! Inside. In fact all the residents  were masked up. Even in their own rooms. WTF????? These are old people with complex needs, many hard of hearing, some with respiratory issues. How the hell can you justify masking them?

I asked M if the doctor was still coming in. She said no. No one was coming in. Not the doctor, hairdresser, physio, or chiropodist. I could have cried, as that means she will not get her needs met and neither will all the other residents. How can this be right?

After seeing M I went to the manager’s office to discuss a few things for her. There were 5 people in there, all masked but NOT social distancing (but I had to with M? Hypocrisy at its finest). Whilst I was talking to them, I could see into a room opposite. The door was open and there was a frail lady that couldn’t have weighed more than 7 stone. It seemed as though she was being restrained by a carer whilst somebody,  I presume a nurse, injected her with something. It was very distressing as the lady was crying out and seemed very confused. I asked the people in the office if the lady was OK as it just felt wrong what I was seeing. I know I’m not a carer, and maybe this happens all the time, but I just didn’t like it.

I was told that as I wasn’t the lady’s  advocate, they couldn’t discuss her with me in detail,  but they did say that she was being sedated due to distress caused by her severe dementia. Evidently she was confused about why her family are not coming to see her now, and doesn’t understand lockdown. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch that.

I also had a phone call from my ex partner this week to inform me that his mother had passed away. Obviously this is very close given that he is the father of my child. It was extremely upsetting to hear both in distress over it. What is more upsetting is that his mother had a panic alarm and had pressed this after falling out of bed on the night that she died. BUT, the alarm company had refused to go out to her, claiming lockdown prevented them. When she had pressed the alarm AGAIN they then called M,  and as it was early hours of the morning, by the time he arrived, the carer was there, and his mother was dead on the floor of the bedroom.

She died alone, and we will never know whether she was in pain.

I am appalled that the company had a responsibility to go out to her when she pressed her alarm, and simply abdicated on this claiming a lockdown justification. They are paid to do a job which they failed to do and now M’s mother is dead. I need to discuss with him at some point whether he wants to pursue a claim for negligence, but first and foremost, I need to help him and my family heal from the upset the death has wrought. Sadly that is not going to be easy. The funeral has been delayed due to LOCKDOWN and only 6 people can attend due to LOCKDOWN. Simply inhumane.

Oh and Mum has got cancer. Its been confirmed. In a phone call, where she was also told that she cannot have any treatment or procedure for the same, DUE TO LOCKDOWN. How can this be happening?

We are supposed to be out of lockdown now, as its been MORE THAN 3 WEEKS.

This complete stripping of our rights unless we do as our told has nothing to do with our health, and is all about control.

I will not comply.

In part 4 read about :

  • how doctors admitted they could write Covid on a death certificate without ever having seen a patient
  • funeral directors admitting there was something very wrong with the way deaths were being handled
  • care home whistleblowers coming forward about blanket DNRs, midazolam, and do not admit to hospital orders being imposed on residents

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Extracts from “Pandemic diary of a front line lawyer for the eldery” – kindly provided by the family of Clare Wills Harrison.

Part 2

Wednesday 1st April 2020

It’s been just over a week since I started home working. I have completed everything I can and now have nothing to do. Because there is no one contacting the office. Its like everyone has gone into hibernation.

I got an email from the Red Cross last week saying they wanted me to help with food deliveries. Then the next day I got another email saying I had been stood down as demand is NOT high enough??? Says it all. I now feel sure this “Covid 19” is not what it seems.

People are ridiculously going to clap for the NHS now on a Thursday, like a bunch of morons. It’s like a bloody ritual.

I’ve been out as usual to the shops for food etc also going out for a bit of exercise. I haven’t had any problems but I’m hearing stories from some friends, and indeed seeing them on line, that the police are stopping people asking if they have a legitimate reason to be out and checking their shopping. WTF???? I don’t remember any new laws to cover this! Surely that is not a criminal matter for the police, either.

We have set up a family zoom time. Of course I shared the above about the police and got told I was crazy and lying. What’s the betting it comes out as true soon?

We have also set up a family what’s app. I’ve sent them some stuff I’ve been researching from doctors, one called Andrew Kaufman and one called Sukarhit Bhakdi, (I think that’s his name). As said above I’m now convinced there is something nefarious going on.

When I check death stats they are nothing like what I would expect to see. I think we are being lied to and they are talking already about a vaccine! What a bloody surprise. Money money money. No coronavirus vaccine has ever worked. The animals in the trials all died when they came into contact with the wild virus. Doesn’t bode well.

This stinks of control to me. Why would you be talking about a vaccine whilst at the same time removing the need for autopsies of anyone who has supposedly died from this? Surely an autopsy would help reveal what this disease has done to the body and how best to treat it? Also it seems a lot of doctors are being censored when they are talking about what they are seeing, if this doesn’t fit with the mainstream news. This doesn’t make sense either. Wouldn’t you want all doctors to work together as that helps people? Surely a debate of different ideas and views is helpful, not unhelpful?

Of course my family think I am mad if I mention any of the above. Its always been the same. I wonder all the time how I’m actually related to some of them.

I’m going back to work on Monday. I’ve had enough of being stuck at home now and I want to see what’s going on.

Monday 6th April 2020

Went back to work today. Its very quiet so I made a few phone calls to care homes and clients I know are alone.

The care homes are all closed. I wanted to get info so I decided to play a bit dumb rather than be forceful. I called XXXXX first and spoke to XXXXX. She told me they have no Covid at the home. She was rather proud of the fact and I just went along with it, asking how the staff and residents were doing.

She told me that staffing is an issue and they have a number of staff off isolating as some of them have a runny nose etc. Apparently the advice is to isolate for 14 days and she said they haven’t got very much support for the staff shortages. She said something about a few district nurses being diverted to them but it’s not enough.

XXXXX mentioned that staff that are in are working longer days as a result, and are really tired. They don’t have the right aprons and other protective equipment, and they don’t know when they will get them.

I asked if the residents were OK and XXXXX said that because of staff shortages they have to keep them in their rooms longer. My blood ran cold when she said this and I imagined them using “measures” to do this. I started to push XXXXX on this and she then clammed up a bit and said that she meant the residents were not congregating in the main residents room. I don’t believe her.

It was a knee jerk reaction from me, but I blurted out that I needed to come down and see Mrs D. There is no reason I do, aside from the fact I am how exceedingly worried about residents being locked in their rooms after what XXXXX said.

She started to go on about being locked down, and that visitors are not allowed. She said they were having WINDOW VISITS ONLY and then only if the resident was DYING. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I felt sick.

XXXXX then started going on about wearing protective equipment etc, and I said stop! Solicitors are exempt from all this and we don’t get given protective equipment. She just accepted it. I couldn’t believe it! So now I am to go down next week on Thursday to see Mrs D.

I made calls to the rest of care homes locally where I have clients and the story was the same everywhere. When I spoke to YYYYY I asked if the GP was still going in, given lockdown. He said no, the GPs were doing Zoom or remote appointments! I made sure he knew that I thought that was RIDICULOUS. How can they assess a person with complex needs remotely? YYYYY agreed with me to a large extent. He said they are really under a lot of pressure as they had to take alot of people from the local hospital in March, so that the hospitals were clear. He said they had no choice in this!!! He also said that they feel somewhat abandoned now as they don’t have in house GP support, or any other support from the speech and language therapists, or physios etc.

I really feel worried. I can’t sleep as I’m churning over how all my clients in care homes are going to survive this if they can’t see a doctor when they need to. It also begs the question, what if they need new glasses or a hearing aid. This care home situation is turning into the perfect storm for disaster in my opinion. I’m arguing with myself about whether to go public with this and what I am seeing. Would anyone even listen or care? I’ve gone back on Facebook for this reason and said a few things already. But I don’t think anyone is listening. I have noticed though that there are some others on there saying they think this is all a lie.

Read the explosive part 3 of the journal extracts soon.

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Extracts from “Pandemic diary of a front line lawyer for the eldery” – kindly provided by the family of Clare Wills Harrison.

We have kindly been provided with the journal of Clare Wills Harrison, a lawyer for the elderly, who first spoke out about Midazolam and care home deaths in June 2020.

Clare kept a journal from March 2020 until recently. It is a harrowing account of what she witnessed through the lens of her work and gives explosive insight into the shut down of the care and legal system, the effect on her clients and the wider UK population and how in turn this impacted her and her family. It is raw, disturbing and personal.

We, and The Expose, have been authorised to publish parts of the journal,  and will be running a series of posts starting today.

If you want to read the damning first hand evidence about the failures of the care, medical and legal sectors during the last 18 months, follow Lawyers of Light channel here and The Expose here

We understand the full journal is to be published as a free e book in due course. You can read the first extracts below.

Extracts from “Pandemic diary of a front line lawyer for the eldery” – kindly provided by the family of Clare Wills Harrison.

Tuesday 10th March 2020

This is my first journal entry to document what is happening right now. For some reason I feel its going to be really important for the future. I dont know why.

All over the news are scenes of Italy and other European countries. Italy went into a full country shut down yesterday after having closed schools and universities a few days ago. I don’t like the sound of not being able to go and get food when you need to. It all seems strange.

I saw Mr & Mrs XXXXX today to discuss XXXXX. He works for Defra and he openly said to me that he guarantees we will be in a full shut down like Italy in 2 weeks. That tells me they know at govt level already. So they must be planning? And why would you do that and not just shut down immediately if necessary? Logistics?

I’m really worried about my elderly clients if we shut down. How will they be looked after if they live alone? What if they triage hospital appointments and give priority to younger people?

I’ve booked to see Mrs XXXX this week as she is in hospital. I need to get in and see her and also see if there is any panic in the hospital itself. Mrs XXXX needs to sign some papers so I can help get her moved to XXXXX care home ASAP. I’m really concerned about getting her out of hospital in case we do go into a shut down as I don’t know what that will look like.

I’ve got a really bad feeling about all of this. My husband says I’m being over sensitive but I feel like there is a big black cloud hovering over us all.

Thursday 12th March 2020

At work today it was really busy. People seem to be panicking and they are calling to get all sorts of paperwork done. There seems to be a sense of urgency.

I spoke to XXXXX and XXXXX care homes today to check on XXXXX and XXXXX. They are fine and I openly asked the managers if they are worried and do they have new protocols. XXXXX said they get all sorts of industry briefings and at the moment they are open as usual etc. She sounded quite OK but did say, like normal, the care sector would be the last to get any help. I know what she means. They always get shit on. She said I could go and see XXXXX if I wanted to, not a problem.

Thursday 19th March 2020

I’ve been listening to the news on the radio on LBC. I don’t know why I do it. The constant doom and gloom is enough to make people scared out of their wits. And I really CANNOT STAND some of the presenters. JOB is especially rude to everyone so I never listen to him anyway. Don’t even know if he’s on at the moment.

This coronavirus is being made out to be a plague by the media, but I’ve looked up Coronaviruses and they are what gives colds. I’m assuming this is more deadly. And that makes me wonder how?

I am going to look at the ONS death figures shortly to see what they usually are. If I don’t do something logical then I fear I might get sucked into believing this is a desperate situation, as there seems to be a collective panic and I’m buying into it.

Spoke to alot of clients today to check on them. All the ones in the local care homes are fine and none of the homes are reporting anything too disturbing. XXXXX said he is looking at it like it is the flu, which sadly is always bad every year. He feels its just come a bit later than usual.

No one understands the media hype over it at the moment but he did say the scenes from Italy look disturbing. I said I had seen the report of some people starving as they couldn’t get out to get food. I mean how can that even happen? Shouldn’t there be plans so that is never an issue?

Spoke to Mum and [my brother], the latter briefly, tonight. Did say to him that as he can’t get out and about easily to maybe order some extra bits in his online shopping. I decided to tell him what my Defra client had said. Obvs I kept the client name anonymous. Of course XXXXX dismissed it. But as I know, he always has to admit I’m right in the end so he will be saying sorry and I will be saying I told you so!!!! Although in this situation I actually hope I’m wrong and we don’t shut down.

Sunday 22nd March

The whole family had all planned to get together this weekend for all the birthdays and mothers day celebrations, as they all happen within a few weeks of each other. Anyway it got cancelled in case we kill each other by sneezing on each other.

So me and XXXXX went shopping and stopped off to get a breakfast whilst there. If the table got sprayed once by the woman it got sprayed 5 times. Seriously! There are more chemicals in the bloody spray that will hurt you over any germs!!

And what is it with the loo roll thing????

Monday 23rd March

Well Defra client was right. Tonight Johnson “instructed” the British public to stay at home. So everything is going to shut down for a few weeks. However, my understanding is that if you can’t work at home then you can go in to the office.

I don’t see how, as a solicitors, we can just close. How can we serve any clients with urgent needs if we do? But I’m worried about the staff at the office. They are scared and I can’t reasonably expect them to come to work if they are fearful. I don’t want to be a bad boss and they have their own families to think of.

I’m going to run it past the regulators tomorrow. I will go in to the office alone and tell the other staff to stay home. If I have to work at home it’s going to be a bloody nightmare. How am I supposed to protect confidentiality and meet my “know your client” expectations if I can’t see people in person?

I don’t think the government realise that peoples problems don’t stop just because the public sector shuts down. Oh and I bet the public sector are still getting full pay too.

How the hell are the private sector supposed to pay office bills and  wages if we are not open for business?

I can take a salary cut I guess, or not get paid, but I need to make sure the staff still get paid.

There is talk of some sort of financial support for businesses. A few of the firms have set up a what’s app group to discuss. Like anything government though, I bet it will take bloody ages for the support to trickle through.

Me and XXXXX looked at the ONS death figures tonight for the last 2 or so years. He is always so calm. Pointed out to me that in January 2018 over 60,000 died of flu. I never even knew!! Like he said, you only know what the media wants to program you with. He thinks this is bollocks. I don’t know what scares me more. That it might be real or it might be bollocks, as the latter would mean that something very nefarious is going on. I have an idea of what that could be, but I just never thought it would be in my lifetime.

Feeling actually quite low tonight. I don’t know why, but this time feels so strange. Like a massive ending.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Went into the office this morning. Was alone as I told the staff to stay home until further notice. Emailed XXXXX at the regulators. He agreed it was sensible to close. I said I would do so for 2 weeks and see how it went. I’m not built for home working. I hate it. At least we are cloud and VOIP based so I can get everything switched over for home. However the paper files and the stationery are another matter. I felt like I was moving house getting it all into the home office.

Must remember to get a notice put on the website so people know we are closed, although I suspect people will realise.

I still haven’t seen any increase in deaths of clients yet, and that is at least a good thing.

Spoke to Mum once I got home. She told me that XXXXX hairdresser has a sister who deals with hair etc for MPs (is that even a thing?) and she has said she was at some place doing her thing for ministers and overheard a phone call where there was some talk of a lab in China that had leaked the current pathogen. Who knows if this is utter nonsense, but nothing would surprise me.

Spent the rest of the afternoon calling as many clients as I could to check on them, and let them know I was home working. Alot of the older ones were really scared and I tried to reassure them. They are going to end up killing themselves with worry! But then so will I as the ones in care homes are now effectively locked in and I am concerned about them as a result. I have a strategy for this as XXXXX at the regulators said solicitors are going to be exempt from alot of things. So I am going to use this and insist I am allowed into the care homes for my clients. I need to check on them and make sure they are OK!

Wednesday 25th March – first day of home working

Today was the first day of home working. I finished what I could on matters and then to be honest, it was deathly quiet. I think everyone is just going to treat these next 2 weeks as a holiday. So I may not be busy. Maybe that will be nice? Given Johnson said that this will only be a couple of weeks, maybe we will be back to normal in no time. Why don’t I believe that?

It’s actually not nice to be off for these 2 weeks. There is nothing to do as everything is shut, and I am not going to spend the next 2 weeks looking at the news. No way. Went back on to Facebook again as a result. I haven’t historically really used it much personally, but I wanted to get a sense of the vibe. Lots of fear on there.

I know I’m going to be bored if I don’t do something. As much as I do not like charities (corruption and offices in London that are uber expensive), I contacted our local small Red Cross group to sign up to help with food deliveries to the elderly and vulnerable. That way at least I can check on the type of people I normally help and I can see if they are getting everything they need.

The local group have said they will be in touch soon as there might be deliveries needed this week. As early as tomorrow or Friday. That doesn’t seem good and I’m worried that vulnerable people are going to suffer as a result of “lockdown”.

Mum is worrying me a bit. She has this thing on her face and I think it might be cancer. She is now waiting to hear. What will happen if it is, given we are now in “lockdown”. I assume she will still get treatment as that would be urgent?

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Safer to Wait issue template letter for parents due to ongoing court case regarding child jabs

Safer to Wait, a campaign group dealing with issues arising from the Covid 19 jab being rolled out to children, have issued a template letter for parents to use.

The letter has been issued in view that a Court case seeking to prevent child vaccination is ongoing. The case seeks to halt the jab roll out for children not classed as vulnerable.

The template letter can be adapted and sent to headteachers to advise and update them about the ongoing legal case; its implications for them, their responsibilities, and why vaccinations on their premises should be halted.

The letter can be downloaded HERE

In the interests of safety, even if you send the letter, you may consider it would still be wise to remove your child from school on the day of the jabs, if you and he/she do not consent to the jab being given.

You can follow safer to wait on twitter @SaferToWait

Details of the court case can be found HERE