Awakened Professionals

What kind of life do you want to create and live? What kind of people do you want to surround yourself by, and work for and with?

With the average person spending one third of their life at work, it is important that the job you do, and the people you do it with and for, support your principles and way of being.

Awakened World recognises that there are many professionals out there, passionate about creating freedom in all walks of their life, including through their work.

Such professionals do not wish to engage in restrictions that encroach on their own, or another’s, personal liberty and body autonomy. As such they have no interest in insisting on masks, social distancing and vaccines for their customers

Please click the mission statements button below. If you agree with the first two statements made, then you are most certainly an awakened professional and we would love you to advertise your business on this website. The third statement is optional.

Mission Statements of an Awakened Professional

Fees for listing your business details are as follows:-

Tier 1
  • Annual fee for business listing with 1 photograph, website & contact details, and up to 5 paragraphs about your business
Tier 2
  • Annual fee for business listing as Tier 1 but with up to 5 photographs, 5 testimonials from your satisfied customers, and access to write 1 guest blog post to showcase your business

All businesses are listed in order of registering. All registration fees are to be made in one advance payment for the year. Registration fees are not subject to VAT. As Go Cardless have now decided they are not willing to host our direct debit set up, because the website is far too radical we kindly ask that you make payment by debit or credit card using the link below.

To proceed to advertise , click the button below and enter your details via our5 secure colletion page, choosing the correct amount for your chosen Tier. You MUST then register your business using the form below. Please include in the body of your message what Tier you have chosen, the paragraphs you want listed for your business, and the contact details you want shown. Once we have received your registration and your payment, we will email you and ask you to send over your chosen photograph and your testimonials, (if you have chosen Tier 2).

All business listings are uploaded on a Wednesday and a Saturday only, so it may take a few days for your listing to appear.

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