Awakened Renters

Do you have a property to rent that you want to let out to an awakened tenant, either short or long term, or maybe just for a holiday? Are you passionate about natural healing and medicine, and wish to have likeminded tenants and holidaymakers in your property? Do you support a free earth where choice is paramount, and whether you have had a Covid vaccine is irrelevant?

If so, awakened renters is dedicated to you! We have set it up so that you can place details of your property in our property list, for awakened tenants to contact you direct.

The world is changing and sadly some of those changes are not supportive of freedom and autonomy. There has been much talk about vaccine passports and there is a chance that those looking for properties to buy or rent, who do not want to have a Covid vaccine, may be prejudiced because of their vaccine status.

We feel it is of the utmost importance for people to provide services of all types, to those who have chosen to honour their body integrity and health. Awakened renters is just one of the services in mind in this regard.

We want to be clear about our role in this. We are not property agents or property experts. We do not match tenants to you, and neither do we carry out any vetting. This is simply a page for you to advertise your property, and then deal directly with any enquiries. We do not take any responsibility or accountability for any problems that arise with a property you may rent.

We ask that you use sense and have your personal security in mind when arranging any viewings. Always make sure that you have someone with you when you are going to meet a prospective tenant, and always make sure that someone else knows who you are meeting.

We ask for a small annual fee of £25 to use the page to advertise your property. This helps cover the running costs of this website, including the hosting and domain fees, and the content creation. We have not created the webiste to make a profit. We have created it to put awakened people in touch with each other, and that will always be our goal and mission.

If you want to place a property on the listings page, the annual fee is £25. You can pay securely by credit or debit card using the button below. You MUST then complete the registration form with as much detail as you can. We will then be in touch to let you know what other information we may need. It always helps if you have at least one photograph of your property so do have that handy. We will only need the general location of your property and please be assured that we will only publish what contact details you want us to, i.e. an email address.

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