We have crossed the Rubicon – it’s time to pray AND stand up

Yesterday aboriginal peoples were forcibly removed from their homes into quarantine camps. This was confirmed on Australian TV in a news media item.

It has also been stated that some of these people were held down and forcibly vaccinated against their will. We currently have no proof of this, but should this come to light, we will immediately post it.

These are dark days indeed and we have crossed a line that should never have been crossed.

When we look back at history we often ask ourselves how the atrocities of 30s and 40s Germany took place under the noses of so many citizens.

The hard truth to this is that many helped turn in their neighbours to those looking for the “unclean”. Yet more citizens just turned a blind eye.

We are now at a point where a terrible history could be repeated. The locking up of people in camps is a shameful reminder of the evil that exists in this world and the fact this is being perpetrated by those in so called power, should disturb everyone.

What we have with the removal of the aboriginal people in Australia are further heinous crimes against humanity with the very real possibility that the same arrangements could be enforced in any country. It is incumbent on all of us to now step up and say no more. No job, social position or money is worth anyone’s silence over what is unfolding.

The world is standing on a precipice and I would ask you what side of history you wish to be on.

No more silence.

For more information please see the video of an aboriginal elder talking about the removal of her people to camps. Link to the Lawyers of Light Telegram where the video is held, is given.


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