Safer to Wait issue template letter for parents due to ongoing court case regarding child jabs

Safer to Wait, a campaign group dealing with issues arising from the Covid 19 jab being rolled out to children, have issued a template letter for parents to use.

The letter has been issued in view that a Court case seeking to prevent child vaccination is ongoing. The case seeks to halt the jab roll out for children not classed as vulnerable.

The template letter can be adapted and sent to headteachers to advise and update them about the ongoing legal case; its implications for them, their responsibilities, and why vaccinations on their premises should be halted.

The letter can be downloaded HERE

In the interests of safety, even if you send the letter, you may consider it would still be wise to remove your child from school on the day of the jabs, if you and he/she do not consent to the jab being given.

You can follow safer to wait on twitter @SaferToWait

Details of the court case can be found HERE

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