Preventing Covid 19 Vaccination of children

Yesterday UK Freedom Project began a campaign to assist parents that do not wish for their children aged between 12 and 15, to be vaccinated at school yet.

COVID-19 vaccines are still in Phase 3 trials in adults, so there are still no data on their long term effects, either in terms of efficacy or harm.  The data on short term harms show worrying signs, including fatalities being reported at 28 times the rate seen on a per dose basis for influenza vaccines.

We strongly urge parents to get involved in the campaign, take the action steps for themselves and spread the word to as many parents in their communities and online as they can.  Regardless of what, if any, ulterior motives you think the government may have in pressing ahead with COVID-19 vaccinations for children, the futures and wellbeing of all our children and the generations after them are at stake.

The campaign can be accessed HERE

2 thoughts on “Preventing Covid 19 Vaccination of children

  1. While campaigning is essential the Only way to keep them safe is to DEREGISTER your kids from school! OR THE GOVT ‘LEGALLY ‘ OWNS THEM & CAN JAB THEM WITHOUT CONSENT!😡

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