Notice of intended Private Criminal Prosecution by PUB. Midazolam leading to alleged mass murder by government policy

Over the last 12 months, Lawyers of Light, PUB, and the amazing polymath, Mark Oakford, have interrogated community prescribing of the respiratory depressing drug, Midazolam.

Following receipt of eye witness statements of the misuse of Midazolam in care homes since April 2020, it became apparent that Midazolam had played a nefarious role in excess deaths, which were then conveniently labelled as COVID-19.

The parties above set about looking at Midazolam prescribing into the community since April 2020, and during their investigations it became evident that a criminal prosecution was necessary regarding the (alleged) misuse of Midazolam, seemingly by government diktat.

Despite the parties above providing some of their acquired evidence to a senior police officer some time ago, the police have seen fit to ignore the same, and refuse to carry out a full investigation. This is despite the reopening of the Gosport enquiry, codenamed operation Magenta. If you are unaware, Gosport Memorial Hospital had at least 456 patients who died under the care of ‘Dr Opiate’ who was found guilty of misconduct but not struck off.

So, despite Doctor induced death being very real, as proven by the tragedy of Gosport, it seems the police in this country are unwilling to entertain that similar practices have been enacted during the “pandemic”.

This leaves no option but to commence a private criminal prosecution, (PCP), to achieve justice for those who have died at the hand of Midazolam.

In advance of laying the PCP, and in the interests of transparency and justice, the above parties have seen fit to ask questions of ministers and others seemingly involved in this matter.

Given the gravity of the concerns and questions asked, the above parties have concluded that their letter should be an open one. It is in the public interest and for public safety, that everyone know the issues and the questions that have been put forward.

Given this, we are releasing a copy of the open letter in this post, and it can be found by clicking HERE.

The PCP will commence after a suitable time period has expired to receive answers from those addressed in the letter. We will keep you informed of the case details as they arise.

4 thoughts on “Notice of intended Private Criminal Prosecution by PUB. Midazolam leading to alleged mass murder by government policy

  1. Thank you to all involved in making these proceeding happen👍👊. Not many will understand this, but I am so thankful that both my parents and all grandparents passed long before the UK’s so called leadership decided to act out these atrocities against the strongest and bravest generation of our time. The true hero’s of yesteryear, who were so lucky to survive all events of WW2, going on to have families of their own bringing the next generation up with the knowledge and values needed to carry society into the future, only to have that same generation they swore to protect wipe
    them out as though they were nothing. These HEROS were the backbone of our once proud society. Setting the standard of RESPECT and care for community no other generation could ever live up to. My grandparent and my parents were part of this amazing hard working inspirational generation.and if they were here today and court up in this murderous time, I can only imagine the torment and pain of not knowing who what and why , their families are going though. And that’s why I’m so grateful. Thank you

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