We Need To Talk About Midazolam

Below is a graph produced from our interrogation of data for out of hospital prescribing of Midazolam, for the period January 2020 to March 2021.
It is critically important to look at All Cause Mortality, in line with the Midazolam prescribed in this 15 month period.
This graph looks at all cause mortality for over 65s, broken down into age brackets. The total All Cause Mortality for the relevant period is shown by the thick blue line.
The Midazolam prescribing has been overlaid onto this, shown in red.
What can you see?
Does the shape of the all cause mortality in the graph, and the shape of out of hospital Midazalom prescribing, look odd to you?
Is it not an unequivocal mind-blowing fact the prescribing of that drug seems to follow the same peaks and troughs as the deaths?
What is the mathematical possibility of this happening by accident? Remember, this is All Cause Mortality, so not just alleged Covid deaths.
Does this therefore emphatically suggests that there has been a pre-planned, heavily inappropriate use of Midazolam in care homes, hospices and hospitals, among people who did not test [false] positive for Covid?
Which is tantamount to putting everybody over the age of 65 on the end of life pathway, bringing about the premature deaths of thousands of people?
We leave you to ponder these  pressing questions, whilst we get back to our data, in preparation for a case which Mark Oakford, PUB and myself are pleased to say, we intend to file ASAP. More news on that to follow.
In the meantime, we think you will agree there are serious questions which need to be answered about the use of Midazolam over the last 15 months.

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