What the “Pandemic” is really about. A guest post by Mercedes, from Mental Strategies for Traders

We are delighted to feature below a guest post from one of our awakened business owners, who we are proud to have listed on our webiste at http://www.awakenedworld.co.uk. Below, Mercedes from Mental Strategies for Traders, tells us what the “pandemic” is really all about. Read on for her excellent insights about current events ….

As a coach, educator and researcher much of my time is spent creating optimum strategies for “rapid transformation”.  The last 18 months provided a stern reminder how Luc Montagnier’s ground-breaking DNA water experiments discovery just a decade ago, is systematically violated to supress the natural process of creation. 

Luc Montagnier discovered that contrary to official science no DNA needs to be present to create DNA. The mere presence of the life force energy frequency of 7.83 hz creates DNA. In other words: in the presence of the right frequencies the universe is a positive self-replicating organism. This truth pertains to all aspects of life; however the system can also be inverted under certain conditions.

Here you have the answer to the puzzle of how the pandemic was created. We are dealing with a deliberate inversion of everything that is good, true and life force giving. 

Inversion happens through frequency alteration in the air, on the ground and directly in your body and mind. 

Let’s go a little deeper into the seemingly never-ending cycle of fear, manipulation and control. 

I firmly believe if you get how this game of attrition is being created and why, you will begin a journey of self-actualization that will set you free for good, if you allow it. 

The key to understanding what is going on globally is the realization that what we are experiencing is both physical, (three dimensional) and non-physical, (the realm of subtle energy, the fourth dimension and above).

I know from working with clients all over the world that the biggest challenge we have is to merge the physical and nonphysical reality into a comfortable synthesis to navigate this super cycle shift. The jump is huge, because it requires a complete departure form your learnt modus operandi.

Here is the big hurdle: 

Our world has been artificially kept in a very narrow frequency band of information:

Let me explain: Your mind basically functions like your car GPS. You put in the codes to go from A to B and the navigation system gets you there. When you set a goal the same thing happens. Your mind searches for co-ordinates in its memory bank. If the co-ordinates are not changed too often, and you maintain unwavering soft focus, are free from self-doubt and fear, you get to fulfil your intentions with relative ease. 

But, there is a glitch in the matrix…

As we all know easy manifestation usually does not happen like that. There is a glitch, many feel it, few understand its real nature.  The glitch is external interference. The reason? There is a, let’s call it “foreign agency” present on earth. This agency has been present on the planet for 100dreds of thousands of years, and is constantly interfering with the human evolutionary template. 

This agency is not invested in your wellbeing, rather it is invested in its own advancement of power and control. The agency is soulless and deceitful by nature. It does not value the human being, but recognized a long time ago that human beings have valuable properties the agency can use to fulfil their own agenda. Thus, a clever game of staged theatre was created to get the easily distractable minds of humans chronically overexcited by concepts of survival, lack of resources, fear and conflict. A false Holy Grail was offered in form of riches for service. This distorted interpretation of “abundance” created the relentless pursuit of earthly riches. Houses, land, and other chattels. The pursuit of these things is not wrong. These things are meant to be experienced, but the experience got corrupted into the idea that the material world is the only thing that is worth having in a human life, – and then you “die”. Humans did not realize how they were being played and innocently fell into a hypnotic amnesia that created increasing ignorance of their true source, which was fuelled by the foreign agency and manipulated into a death cult on our planet. This death cult is the ultimate aberration of what is true about life. 

The aberration made humanity fall for false heroism and the misunderstood idealisation of gold and silver, (“money” as the only means of exchange). The dualistic worldview of good versus bad has become so deeply embedded into our psyche, it is viewed as the creative cycle of the world. 

This paradigm inverts universal law and contradicts the original creation of love, harmony, infinite creative power and free will for all.

The financial system is built on this false paradigm. 

It uses false teachings based on lack, competition, stealing and conflict to control and supress. 

Creation does not compete. It simply accepts or rejects. Competition is one of many ways of sucking energy from your mind/body matrix to stop you from tuning into your real power source and self-actualize your magnificent template in spite of the manipulations. Yes, you read this correctly. You can do this by yourself. 

The point I want you to get is this:

You are not the creator of the negativity, depression, poor health, money challenges and so on, rather you have been manipulated into believing that you are at fault and that you are a victim. 

The health system, the judicial system, the religious system, the educational system and the financial system have been infiltrated by the foreign agency, to suck out your power and divert it to them. It is both a physical and mental manipulation. 

The financial system is the key driver. It controls the mindset of every single human being on the planet.

99.9% of humans do not know how the financial system works and this is why they continue to be deceived. As a result our humanitas has been weakened to a point of near extinction. It has lost self-esteem, inner confidence and no longer has a connection to its inner power source. In other words, it has become AI oriented. It is no longer capable of thinking independently and seeing truth from falsehood.

The process is in its final stage of conclusion. The aim is the complete takeover of the planet and the hijacking of souls. 

The pandemic was the final stage in the game of chess. Yet something else occurred: 

An evolutionary impulse wave hit earth, as has been foretold for a very long time. This wave has the capacity to evolutionarily uplift those who are ready to evolve to the fourth and fifth dimension, thus freeing themselves from the narrow frequency band we are trapped in.

This process requires our consent, (the number one law of the universe is the law of  non-interference), hence the evolutionary impluse can only occur when the planet has reached a level of enlightened conscious awareness that allows a safe transition to this level.

The entire galaxy knows what is happening on our planet. We are helped, make no mistake, yet each one of us must contribute to make it happen faster and more smoothly. We are the ones who will initiate the shift both as a collective and as individuals. It must be done now, because the time within which this can occur is limited.

What you can do:

This is no time for fear or focusing on the doom and gloom in the economy and the dystopian health sector. It is all optics designed to throw you off guard. Instead focus on yourself. Focus on healing your mind. Learn to think correctly, which simply means thinking from creators’ perspective, instead of thinking from the perspective of the foreign agency. 

I have outlined the formula many a time. It is simple and complex at the same time, because it penetrates every aspect of our lives. 

 I regularly present educational webinars to my mailing list on how you can evolve and grow inner resilience on the path to freedom from the matrix. It begins by learning truth. Truth about your design as a human being, and truth of our real history. 

If what I explained in this short article speaks to you, I invite you to visit my website http://www.MentalStrategiesForTraders.com and sign up to my newsletter. 

Mercedes is an intuitive life coach, trader, visionary, and author of The Buddhist Trader.

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