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Awakened World has been set up as a central hub to connect people and services that do not ask and do not care about your Covid vaccination status.

It is important that we look not only at current times, but also to the future, and hence we are delighted to provide additional information about foraging and natural cures using essential oils. All information regarding this can be found on our Natural EssentOILS page. To visit this page please see the link under the pictures below.

We are also delighted to now be taking registration of Awakened Renters and Awakened Professionals . If you would like to register your business or property then click the pictures or links below to be taken to the relevant pages.

We also feature template letters from Lawyers of Light, but we cannot comment on personal situations, nor confirm if any of the letters featured are suitable for anyone’s personal situation. The letters are provided as an aid only, and anyone using them accepts they are doing so at their own risk. In all circumstances we recommend that you obtain your own independent legal advice, if you are facing issues that you need help with.

Even though we feature template letters from Lawyers of Light, please note that we and they are NOT a legal advice service, and as such we do not offer legal advice for visitors to the site. We receive hundreds of emails every month asking for legal advice about all sorts of issues, and we cannot give it. We are now unable to answer these emails due to the time it takes to do so. If you need legal advice about any issue, please seek this locally from an appropriately qualified person.

The hosting, security, domain name, payment forms and subscriptions to services to make the website run, are paid, in part, from the business and property registrations received. However, any shortfall is paid personally by the website owner from her own funds. In addition, all work and updates to the website, and all articles and letters are provided by two people, in their own time. As such, we rely solely on donations to keep the website running and provide enough information and letters that are useful for people. If you are using this website and it is helping you, please consider making a donation to it, however large or small. Every bit of help is appreciated. You can donate HERE , or by using the button below.

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